These are the Best Days to Travel for Americans This Summer

It is clear that both Americans and Europeans feel a sense of wanderlust. Many are considering traveling to Europe this summer , with U.S./EU travel increasing by 862% in March 2022.

It’s becoming harder to find bargains with high demand and rising costs from inflation and the Ukraine War.

There are some key pieces of advice that can help travelers get the best deals.

  • Expedia informed Conde Nast Traveler Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most expensive days to fly to the U.S., because people are less likely start a trip these days.
  • Expedia projections show Tuesday August 23rd is the most affordable day to fly in summer for anyone who wants to save money on airfares to the U.S.
  • Summer deals at their best are available from August 13 through August 29, while July is the most expensive month.
  • It is best to book domestic travel within 60 days of departure. Historically, this was 35-40 days.
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