These Are The Nine Best 2022 Indie Games You Can Play This Easter

It’s another long Easter weekend, which for many players is a great opportunity to spend extra time on a new game. Although it may seem tempting to commit to a massive, sprawling AAA like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring you will only scratch the surface of their capabilities. There’s so much more to be gained from players at the edges.

Already 2022 has produced some amazing indie games, which are perfect for a three to four-day Easter run. This is especially true considering that the standard for indie GOTY was already set high.

You can get the game you want for $30 or less, or even free with Game Pass. This weekend will leave you feeling stronger, not only from playing a game but also from supporting smaller developers who are the heart and backbone to the industry. These are nine fantastic titles that are worth your time.

No One Saves the World

Platforms Switch, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

RRP$24.99/Free (with Game Pass)

The action-RPG Nobody Saves the World takes between 20 and 30 hours to complete. It’s a great choice for long weekend playthroughs, as it adds a new twist on an old genre. It was also available via Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers can download it quickly. And, as of yesterday, April 14, it is finally available for Switch and PlayStation.

Drinkbox Studios created the game Guacamelee and Severed. You play the title Nobody and can shapeshift into many different characters to solve puzzles and unlock upgrades. The game’s humor and excellent mechanics make it an addictive experience.

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Circuit Superstars

Platforms – PC, Xbox One and PS4

RRP: $19.99

Circuit Superstars was released on PC and Xbox in 2021. This amazing racing game by Original Fire Games arrived on PS4 this past year. The passionate, six-strong Canadian development group has been adding free expansions and upgrades to the game every month since then, building upon incredible foundations that will create a top-down racer.

Although it may appear like a modern-day micro machines, this is far from the truth. Circuit Superstars is a hybrid of arcade and simulation. It requires skill and patience, but delivers a deep satisfying experience where you feel utter joy at every corner. This is a must-have for sim enthusiasts and casuals alike.

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Platforms Mac, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/S

RRP$29.99/Free (with Xbox Game Pass).

Tunic might be $30, but very few indie games can compete with The Legend of Zelda for such a polished price tag.

Tunic is too detailed to be useful. The whole game is about learning as you go. It’s simple, but creative. Tunic combines time-honored tropes and an indecipherable vocabulary with a fascinating manual system and an utterly beautiful world. It is an easy choice for indie GOTY status. You can also get it on Game Pass so you don’t have to lose anything.


Platforms: Computer

RRP: $19.99

This is the funniest game in this list, and most likely of 2022. Wobbledogs is also the most popular Steam release of the year. Although pet simulation games may not be for everyone, you can watch the trailer and fall in love instantly with Tom Astle’s vision of happy, wobbly dogs. Its charms will be irresistible even for cat lovers.


Platforms, PCs, Xbox Series.X.S

RRP$29.99/Free (with Xbox Game Pass).

FoamPunch’s Shreddersreturns to the glory days of classics such as 1080 and SSX. Although it isn’t perfect, this labor-of-love-which was yet another addition to Game Pass-is easy, straightforward, self-aware and constantly challenging. It’s the perfect thing for dipping in and out of on a busy Easter weekend and beyond.

Here is my review of Shredders.


Platforms Mac, Xbox One and PS4 Switch

RRP: $9.99

You only need to spend ten dollars right now for the most popular retro racing game. Slipstream is the creation of Brazilian solo dev Sandro Luiz de Paula. It’s a beautiful love letter to outRun as well as all things 90s Sega. It manages to retain the charm of the era while also meeting modern-day racing fan demands.

Slipstreamis simple to learn but difficult to master. Casual gamers may not like the challenge of first-place finishes or the satisfaction of finishing a grand tour with five stages. It is still one of the most captivating and rewarding games in its genre, and well worth the modest RRP.

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Platforms: Mac, PC

RRP: $14.99

Canines are so In, darling. FixFox is the second game in this list to feature a fox as its protagonist. It also shares a thing with Tunic, which is why it was included on the early shortlist of indie games of the year. This “wholesome sci-fi adventure” about a space mechanic trapped on a planet that bans tools is another Czech creation by Jaroslav Meloun. It’s a heart-stirring delight.

The quirky art style, bizarre premise and Vix, the lead character, combine to create an engaging world that you will want to spend your time in. FixFox can be used for both long and short spells. It’s a charming, heartwarming, and kind game that could not have come at a better moment.

Music Racer Ultimate

Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

RRP: $6.99

Many people don’t like Music Racer Ultimate for all the right reasons. I was one of them during my first two playthroughs. But, hear me out. Although it’s not revolutionary, user-friendly, polished or as technical as its spiritual predecessor Audiosurf, this retro-neon fever dream will make you forget all of its shortcomings.

The experience is more like a joyride rather than a car accident once you find the right music. You’ll quickly find the higher levels of The Polyphonic Spree or Ratatat, Lemon Jelly, and Saint Etienne. Even though you will need to spend some time learning how to play your songs, it’s only $7.

Imp from the Sun

Platforms: Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

RRP: $14.99

Last but not the least, Impof the Sun, the Peruvian folklore-inspired, 2D Metroidvania lite platformer, is the one you should get.

This Ori-like game is one of the most overlooked independent games of 2022. It combines nonlinear exploration with bosses, unlockable capabilities, and beautiful art to create a truly moreish challenge. Although it lacks the same sharpness and attention to detail as its peers, the formula works well. You’ll also learn a lot about a fascinating culture.

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