These Kindles won’t be able to buy books anymore

Several models of Amazon Kindle won’t be able buy books from Kindle Store.

According to a report by, Kindle International (2nd Gen), Kindle DX International (5th Gen), Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle 4th Gen and Kindle 5th Gen owners will no longer have access to the store to browse it or to borrow or buy books.

Amazon has sent affected customers an email offering a 30% discount on new Kindles and $40 in ebook credits.

These devices are among the oldest Kindles available, some having been released more than a decade ago. For example, the Kindle DX was launched in 2009 and the Kindle Keyboard came a year later.

Although it’s unclear why Amazon has removed access to its Kindle store on these devices it is possible that they are using outdated versions of TLS security protocol which could make it dangerous for them to continue to process purchases.

Customers with affected devices can still read new content. Customers can choose to either purchase ebooks via Amazon and have them transferred to their Kindle or email the files.

This is not the first time Amazon has taken features out of Kindle readers. The company had announced last year that 3G Kindles in the United States would cease to work due to the fact that 3G networks are beginning to shut down. These devices’ owners will be able to download and buy books over Wi-Fi.

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