Top 8 SEO Content Writing Services You Might Want to Consider in 2022

These 8 SEO content writing services can help you increase your content writing and organic traffic.

It can be difficult to find, hire and manage writers, while also trying to create a content marketing strategy to drive meaningful SEO traffic.

Publishing content online will be one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your site, improve search engine rankings and raise awareness about your brand in 2022. This includes informative, engaging, and useful blog posts, listicles and ebooks, infographics and whitepapers. These will help you gain trust from your target audience and improve your search engine rankings.

Writing quality content for websites takes talent, time and expertise. Although writing seems easy, it is not an easy task. It is often not possible to hire a full-time content creator who can create valuable, solid content.

What do you do? You use a content writing company. This list of SEO content writing companies can provide high-quality content at a low price by hiring experienced, professional writers who are experts in SEO content. It’s a simple matter of fact.

Why should you use content writing services

If you don’t have the budget for a full-time in-house content writer, the only alternative is to hire freelancers. Contract SEO content writers can be intimidating, even though they are often highly skilled and have a great work ethic. The trial and error process of finding the perfect freelancer for your company is costly, as well as a waste of time.

SEO content writing is so valuable. These companies will do the legwork of finding the best content writers for you. You don’t have to worry about contract negotiations or paying invoices. The content writing service can take care of all that.

Simply put, it takes less effort to satisfy your content needs and produces better results. Do you like the idea? We have compiled the best eight SEO content writing services below. They offer a wide range of services with different strengths, and all come in a range price packages that are well worth looking into.

Top 8 SEO services to increase your traffic

Here is a list with the top SEO content writing services.

Let’s get into each one a little deeper.

1. Contentment

Contentfly offers SEO blog post, social media posts and email marketing content. You can request high-quality content in less than five minutes. Best of all, Contentfly accepts only 1% of the applicants. You simply need to send Contentfly a brief and any brand voice guidelines. The team will assign your topics to their writers network.

They have worked with more than 2,000 companies and have a strong reputation for being able to manage the entire content writing process, from start to finish, and a fast turnaround time. Contentfly ensures that their content passes plagiarism and proofreading testing.

The amount of words you order will be charged to your credit card. The most basic plan starts at $300 and allows for 4,000 words per monthly. The most expensive plan is $2,400, while the most comprehensive plan offers 32,000 words per month. Contentfly offers a 4,000 word money back guarantee with unlimited edits and revisions.

2. The Urban Writers

Urban Writers provides web content creation and ghostwriting services for both personal and commercial use. From book titles to blog posts and book descriptions, you can have almost anything written. You can chat with your writers, track revisions and get notifications to see the progress of your project.

Packages for SEO copywriting and blog content start at $5.49/100 words, and go up to 30 articles starting at $5.29/100 words.

3. ContentWriters

ContentWriters has been used by many companies like Expedia, Mercedes-Benz and Forbes. Their goal is to connect agencies, publishers, brands, and stores with expert copywriters. They also assign you an account manager to ensure you get the best out of their SEO content writing services. The content is 100% original and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Pricing for Content Writers starts at $99 per original piece through their self-service platform and can be customized to meet your specific needs by working with a dedicated content success specialist.

4. Crowd Content

Crowd content provides a single-stop solution for many types of content, including blog posts and product descriptions, press releases, social media content, and social media content. Two content writing services are offered by Crowd Content: a content marketplace, where you can purchase pre-written content of high quality from more than 6,000 professionals and managed SEO-friendly services where a partner assists you in creating and managing a custom content program. Crowd Content’s clients include Lowe’s and WordPress, as well as HomeAdvisor, among many others.

Crowd Content’s self service pricing is based on content type, word count and quality. Prices range from 3 cents per word at the lowest level to 13.5 cents per word at its highest. You can request a quote on their managed services, which include fully-managed creation, a dedicated manager, regular progress calls and strategy calls, as well as three layers of quality control .

5. calls themselves the “best content marketplace for your company” and has case studies that show how they helped MailChimp increase their page rankings and attract millions of visitors each month. All content comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. is proud to offer prices that are more affordable than traditional SEO agencies. Self-service membership costs about $74.95 for 500 words and managed subscriptions start at $999 per month.

6. Animalz

Animalz is an agency that specializes in content writing for startups and enterprise organizations. They have worked with companies like Google, Amazon, Zendesk and Wistia. Their reputation as a trusted content writer has been established. They produce engaging content. Animalz will connect you with long-form, high-quality content that will help you grow long-term. Although it is a very specific service, it could be worth looking into if it suits your needs and those of your company.

Animalz offers search engine optimization services, brand awareness, lead generation and product marketing. They also promote and distribute content across all content types, including white papers, ebooks, case studies and social media copy. To determine the pricing, you will need to contact them.

7. is here to help you increase traffic and generate leads as quickly as possible. This means no contracts, no hiring and almost no effort. The project manager will oversee the entire content marketing process, from SEO target keyword research through to creating a monthly calendar. You can request SEO blog posts and landing pages copy from Scribly’s Content team, depending on your monthly word limit. is proud to offer three plans with simple pricing. The micro package is $495 per month and includes 2000 words (1-2 pieces of content), the mega package is $1150 and includes 6,5000 word (5-10 pieces of material), and the turbo package is $3,500 per month and includes 22,500 words (20-30 pages of content). You can also get one-off content marketing services.


Article offers SEO articles, blog writing and emails. They also offer product descriptions, web pages copy and social media posts. Article takes pride in providing high-quality, engaging, and valuable content on a timely basis. was created to work with marketing agencies and connect you with the most engaging content on the internet.

Each one of’s service types has its own pricing structure based on word count and article quality. A professional-level 500-word blog post per month costs $125

Organic growth is fuelled by content

It’s been shown that content Marketing is the best in digital marketing today. This can increase your page rank, bring more visitors to your site, raise awareness of your brand and help your company grow. If you are looking to get these results quickly and on a tight budget, you should consider hiring an article writing service (and an AI writer) to do the work for you.

We’ve listed eight top-rated SEO content writing companies in 2022. We hope that one of these services is a good match for you and helps reach your target audience.

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