Top Nordic Destinations for the Summer

The Nordic countries are home to a shared history of Viking Ages and stunning landscapes, making them a popular destination for curious tourists looking to explore the hidden gems of the most happy region.

The Nordic countries have been rediscovered by international tourists, with most restrictions on travel being lifted in the region. Here are some ideas for your summer Nordic travel itinerary: From road trips to relaxing summer days,

A road trip to Iceland

Iceland’s summer is vibrant and colorful in contrast to its monochrome winters. Tourists can explore the volcanic highlands by road, allowing them to see places that are not possible at other times.

These trips require a vehicle with four-wheel drive and a confident driver. You don’t have to do all that if you find it too difficult. There are plenty of other things to see on regular roads.

The entire country is covered by Iceland’s 800-mile-long Ring Road. The full tour, including stops at the top attractions, takes around a week.

Others prefer to concentrate their travels on one area. Some roads near the waterfalls and geothermal pools of Iceland’s Golden Circle can get very crowded in summer. Consider one of the more popular options, such as the Diamond Circle located in the north.

The new 590-mile round trip Westfjords Way is sure to draw new visitors to the region’s northwest fjords. Highlights include Dynjandi’s waterfall, Bolafjall’s new viewing platform and Latrabjarg’s densely-populated birdcliffs.

Svalbard’s Arctic summer

From May to August, the sun shines down on Svalbard every day and night. Although it can be difficult to fall asleep, hiking and other outdoor activities can be done at any hour of the day.

Longyearbyen residents make the most of the long summer and increasing temperatures by spending lots of time outdoors. When it’s warm enough, the few pavement cafes and restaurants in Longyearbyen are packed.

During the summer, wildlife is attracted to the archipelago. Birds move to nest while seals, walruses and whales make their way into the fjords. You can also visit Pyramiden, an abandoned Russian mining town, or go on a sightseeing boat ride along the west coast.

Gotland is Sweden’s most popular vacation island

One of Sweden’s most popular travel destinations is the largest island in Baltic Sea. It is full of natural and historical attractions.

Even at peak tourist season, a visit to Gotland is a predominantly Swedish experience. The only direct ferries and majority of flights from mainland Sweden make it a Swedish experience. Foreign tourists who make the trip to Scandinavia are treated to a true Scandinavian summer vacation.

Visby, the main island town, is rich in Viking Age history. It is also protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The miles of nature trails and cycle paths on the island are ideal for avid hikers looking to take a break from the mountains.

Stay in a smaller city

The attractive mix of history, modern conveniences and nature is what makes urban Nordic destinations so appealing. This is true for all five capitals: Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Reykjavik.

This is also true for smaller cities. The fascinating architecture in Alesund Norway makes it a great place to stay, as well as a trip by road or boat around the fjords. Kayaking around the islands and hiking the mountains that overlook Alesund are two of the many ways to connect with nature without having to leave the city.

The recently opened Hans Christian Andersen House in Denmark has brought Odense back to the top of the tourist list, while Billund is still very popular due to Legoland. Tampere is home to the world’s largest Moomin museum. It claims to be the capital of the .

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