Try These Amazing Tips and Tricks to Get Your Email Hidden by Apple

Apple’s iOS 15 saw the launch of a number of amazing privacy features. One of them is Hide My E-mail. First, let’s talk about Hide my Email.

You can create fake email addresses using Apple’s iCloud.

This has many benefits. Hide My Email is a feature that allows you to keep control of your marketing emails and prevent your information from being added to other databases.

The emails will continue to be sent, and will be forwarded from Apple to your email address. However, you can delete the accounts at any moment. You can also remove any spammy emails that have been sent to your inbox. Cool, huh?

Hide My email is a favorite Apple privacy feature. You can also use it to receive multiple online discounts from the same website. More information on this later.

This article will show you how to use the iOS 15 iPhone privacy features. It also includes a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most from it.

Get started with Hide My Email

Hide My Email by Apple is very easy to use. Click on the email address box when you sign up for something with your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. The option to hide email should appear. Apple will create an email address for you and a password, which can be saved to your iCloud Keychain. Simple.

Hide My Email allows you to send and respond in Apple Mail

Apple introduced in iOS 15.2. This feature allows you to send email to people using Hide My Email from the Mail app. It is possible to use it by opening the Apple Mail app and writing an email. Then, tap on the From field and the Hide My Email option will appear.

How to hide my email

One of the major selling points is Hide My Email’s ability to control and manage it.

Manage your Hide My Mail Addresses, including the email address to which messages are sent, in your iPhone Settings > Apple iCloud > Hide My E-mail.

Hide My Email allows you to delete addresses

You can also delete Hide My Email credentials by logging into your iCloud. Here you can delete Hide My Email addresses that you don’t want or use.

Using Hide My Email for online discounts

This Hide My Email trick could prove to be very useful for online shoppers such as myself. Sign up for email to receive discounts, or to celebrate major holidays.

Once you have learned how to delete and manage email addresses, you can use Hide My Email to receive multiple online discounts.

You can simply go to the website, use Hide My Email, and then purchase the items. You can also delete Hide My Email from your Apple iCloud account if you wish to purchase something later and the discount does not apply to you. You can then go back to the site, and you will be able to use Hide My Email once again.

Apple’s Hide My Mail is worth it

Hide My Email, a great iPhone feature that is well worth the effort, is not only available online. Apple users will be familiar with the privacy feature of the iPhone maker. Hide My Email is an excellent example of this ethos.

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