Warner Bros. Announces Unique Features For Upcoming Bat Cowl NFT Collection

Warner Bros. previously announced the newest collection NFTs on behalf DC. A new release of 200,000 3D rendered bat cowls inspired by DC’s caped crusader Batman.

Warner Bros. is not the first to venture into NFTs. Recent releases like The Matrix Resurrections , Space Jam have prompted collections to launch.

Warner Bros. aims to maximize the potential of Web3, announcing new features or upgrades to the collection every 52-days along a 24-month journey.

The company uses integrated storytelling through a new collection comics. NFT holders will be able to participate in the story and create their own superhero. They can also vote to form a collective and dictate the storyline, characters and art that will drive the Bat Cowls’ ongoing narrative.

Additional NFTs will be given free to Bat Cowl NFT Holders. This will include exclusive art and behind-the scenes elements.

Josh Hackbarth is Warner Bros. Head of NFT Commercial Development. He explained how fans engage in the narrative process.

“The final result [will] be] a DC Comic which was developed collaboratively with fan input. Bat Cowl holders will have the opportunity to choose elements such as the title, plot, and key characters.

Bat Cowl holders can also link to Snapchat to show their art on their social media channels. The entire collection can be viewed in AR
It is metaverse ready, and one of the first NFT collections to be available on Web2 (Snapchat) and Web3 via nft.dcuniverse.com.

Bat Cowls that were purchased in the pre-sale on April 26th will be eligible for bonus NFTs from Gotham City neighborhoods between April 27th to May 3rd.

Hackbarth commented that the NFTs are $300 in price because Warner Bros. wants “touchpoints” and “price points for all their fans.”

With the success of a few releases, I was interested to see where Warner Bros. sees itself in the Web3 market as moves continue in the entertainment sector around NFTs.

“The underlying technology may enable things that we haven’t been able in the past. This creates a shared sense and collaboration. For example, an exclusive fan forum, or unique, verifiable access into other experiences.

He said, “Most importantly we want our fans to be able to always bring their fandom wherever they go. And we believe NFTs are one of those exciting new avenues.”

“We don’t view it as a revenue source, but we see it as an opportunity to connect our IP with our audience.”

Here’s the key insight

Carl Runefelt is the CEO and founder at The Moon Group and Forbes Monaco 30 Under 30, and one of the youngest crypto billionaires. He has invested in more than 350 crypto start-ups and developed his own Web3 projects. He also owns several high-value NFTs including a $1,000,000 crypto punk. Runefelt has now signed a sponsorship deal for Ralph Boschung, a Formula 2 driver.

By partnering with Boschung, he has enabled a charitable element in his crypto sphere to collect crypto donations to disabled children at the 14 F2 races this season.

“When I started my career in crypto, it wasn’t very popular and Web3 was not well-known. Everything has changed. Large financial institutions have adopted crypto projects. Specialist firms are appearing all over the place and large media outlets are using NFTs for IP scaling.”

Runefelt then went on to say that large projects, such as Warner Bros.’, only help the Web3 space expand exponentially and accelerate adoption among the masses.

“I think it is great. Everybody benefits when a large entity like Warner Bros. enters the industry. They’re beginning to see the potential of Web3 dynamics, and I feel like they are.

“Warner serves as a strong proof-of-concept for individuals and businesses to consider and see that perhaps they should also capitalize on and adapt their existing models to accommodate what will most definitely be a part our futures.”

Runefelt, who was a cashier in a shop three years ago, now plans to make The Moon Group the largest Bitcoin holder.
He is excited about the possibility of generating crypto through their projects as well as general accumulation. He believes he can be a global leader in mass adoption of Web3 and crypto.

“This sector has made a huge difference in my life, and I believe it can make a big impact on many others. From developing countries to conglomerates and young entrepreneurs. There are so many opportunities to capitalize.

Warner Bros. appears to be in agreement, as they are currently exploring a variety of ideas to grow the division. Warner Bros. seems to be one of the pioneers in a market that is looking for its pioneers.

Hackbarth said, “This is just the beginning.” We have many more exciting programs in the pipeline and we continue to explore the potential and possibilities of web3 and the Metaverse every day.

DC FanDome NFTs will be able to access the Bat Cowl presale starting on April 26th at 12 AM Pacific. The public sale starts on April 27th at 12:00 Pacific.

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