Welcome to 2030: I own nothing, have no privacy and my life has never been better

Welcome to 2030. Welcome to my city, or should I say “our city”. I don’t have anything. I don’t have a car. I don’t have a house. I don’t have any appliances or clothes.

Although it may seem strange to you, it is perfectly normal for us here in this city. All that you once considered a product has become a service. All the services we require in our daily lives are available to us, including transportation, accommodation, food, and other necessities. All these things were free and it became less practical to have much.

The first communication was digitalized and made available to all. Things began to move quickly after clean energy was made free. The cost of transportation dropped drastically. We no longer needed to have cars. A driverless car or a flying vehicle could be called for longer trips in a matter of minutes. When public transport was more efficient, faster and more convenient than a car, we started to transport ourselves more efficiently and in a more coordinated manner. It is hard to believe that we have accepted traffic jams and congestion, not to mention the pollution caused by combustion engines. What was our thinking?

When I visit friends, I sometimes use my bike. The exercise and the ride are enjoyable for me. It brings out the soul and makes it easy to join the journey. It’s amazing how certain things never lose their excitement, such as walking, biking, cooking and drawing, or even growing plants. This makes perfect sense, and it reminds us how our culture arose from a close relationship to nature.

We don’t have to pay rent in our city because someone else uses our space when we are not there. When I’m not there, my living room is used to host business meetings.

Every once in a while I’ll cook for myself. It’s easy, the required kitchen equipment is delivered to my doorstep in minutes. We stopped storing all that stuff in our homes since transport was free. It is not necessary to keep a pasta-maker or a crepe maker in our home. They are available for purchase when needed.

This made it easier to create the circular economy. People don’t want to waste their time on products that have a short lifespan. Every product is made to be durable, repairable and recyclable. Our economy is more efficient and the materials can be easily transformed into new products. Because we use only clean energy and efficient production methods, environmental problems are not a problem. Because they are so important to our health, we can breathe clean air and water. There is plenty of green space, plants, and trees throughout the city. It is still a mystery to me why concrete was used in cities in the past.

Shopping? It’s hard to remember what it is. It has become a way to choose what things we want. This is sometimes fun for me, but other times it’s just too tedious. It is more familiar with my tastes than I am.

We suddenly found time to eat healthy, sleep well, and enjoy time with others when AI and robots took over much of our work. Because the work we do is easily done anywhere, rush hour no longer makes sense. It’s not work to me. It’s more like thinking-time.

All was entertainment for a time and people didn’t want to deal with serious issues. We discovered how to use these technologies for more than just entertainment at the very last moment.

All the people who don’t live in this city are my greatest concern. We lost those we helped along the way. Those who felt it was too much technology. Those who felt useless and obsolete when AI and robots took over large parts of our jobs. People who were unhappy with the political system and decided to rebel against it. They lead different lives outside the city. Some people have started their own self-sufficient communities. Others remained in abandoned and empty houses in small 19th-century villages.

Sometimes I am annoyed at the lack of privacy. There is no place I can go without being registered. Every thought, every action, and every dream that I have are recorded. I hope nobody will use it against my.

It is a great life. It is a far better life than the one we had before, when it was clear that we couldn’t continue to grow in the same way. All these horrible things were happening to us: climate change, lifestyle diseases, refugee crisis and environmental degradation. We also had completely congested cities due to water pollution, air pollution and social unrest. Before we could see the possibilities, we lost too many people.

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