What Kylian Mbappe’s Paris Saint-Germain Stay Changes Everything

Kylian Mbappe seems to be moving from Paris Saint-Germain to Real Madrid in a little over a year.

Just as it seemed that the Frenchman was about move to the Spanish capital, a deal was struck for him to stay.

According to reports, Mbappe called Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid on Saturday afternoon (05/21/22).

It was believed that the 23-year old had reached personal terms with the Spaniards.

You have to wonder why he chose to stay when there were two seemingly identical deals for him.

Maybe, as a Parisian, it was the lure of the chance to stay in his home country. But, it seems impossible that there were any other promises than the financials.

Reportsemerged claiming that PSG offered the player to be a part-owner.

Mbappe was suggested to have the power of choosing the manager and selecting the players who would line up with him.

These claims may not be true and could even be exaggerated. Regardless of whether they are true, it is indisputable that the young Frenchman at Paris Saint-Germain will be a powerful force going forward.

He is expected to sign a three-year contract, but that will not dispel the possibility of him leaving the club in the near future.

Real Madrid won’t be discouraged from trying again for the Frenchman, even though he has only one year to go before he can enter the territory of ‘running down’ his contract.

Mbappe will have considerable leverage over his employer, and influence on the overall strategy, regardless of whether it is written or oral.

Only when we are in a situation with a manager, or a fellow player will we get an idea of just how amazing this is. Will PSG back Mbappe? Or make decisions for the greater good of the game?

Although it is possible to have a star with such power, it is rare and not often the best way to achieve success.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Player power is not a new phenomenon. This includes Ruud Guilt being fired by Newcastle United after he lost star striker Alan Shearer. John Terry also allegedly spoke to Roman Abramovich about Jose Mourinho’s inability to play the Chelsea captain.

Owners are increasingly asking for guarantees or questions about potential signings from the club’s biggest names.

Only two players, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, have reached the position of influence that allows them to arguably wield as much power than their manager.

Although he may not always be heard, Ronaldo was not afraid to tell owners who he should sign and which manager he should have.

His influence was evident in many areas, including making sure Gareth Bale received a transfer fee less than Ronaldo and not pursuing the signing of Neymar.

The explanation he gave for leaving Real Madrid was a clear indication of the power CR7 held.

He said that he felt the president no longer valued me in the club. Afterward, it was less. “The president looked at me with eyes that were not willing to say the same thing as before, as if they didn’t consider me to be indispensable.”

Barcelona’s Messi’s power was undoubtedly even greater.

In 2020, the Argentinian hired Eric Abidal as sporting director and Josep Bartomeu as President. Both ended up leaving.

Bartomeu’s exit was most dramatic. The Catalan left months earlier than he was supposed to and in a way that was different from the traditional club methods. He mistakenly attempted to call Messi’s bluff about a summer transfer.

The club’s financial difficulties forced Messi to quit, and the revamps failed to stop them.

However, the club’s changes that took place in his last season highlighted just how much power and influence he had.

Both cases show that the overpowering influence of the two wasn’t always beneficial.

Real Madrid won multiple Champions League’s while Ronaldo was at the club. However, their power struggles unnecessarily interrupted many seasons. Without them, they could have won more.

Messi’s struggle with the hierarchy of the club was also a distracting factor in a turbulent season for Barcelona.

Mbappe will find out in time if he really has the same power as those greats.

It will be fascinating to see how Paris Saint-Germain’s dressing rooms react to his influence if he does.

It is also worth observing how this affects the demands of elite players on other teams, when they negotiate new contracts.

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