Which are the Worst Airports in The World?

It can be a miserable experience to travel through airports. A large room filled with people hurrying to their flights. There is not enough fresh air. The airport food is rubbery and unsocial.

Not all airports are created equal. Some airports are truly amazing and can make travel a pleasant experience. Singapore Changi is one example. Many consider Singapore Changi to be the best airport in the entire world. It boasts a waterfall, cactus garden and a four-story slide.

There’s also the other end of the spectrum. These are the airports we can’t wait to get out of. Lines for security, poor food options, rude and incompetent staff, and long security lines are just some of the problems.

AirHelp has recently created a is of the top airports in the world. This list inevitably had a back-end that no airfield would want to be on. As such, more busy airports may be included on the list.

The list was compiled based on passenger reviews, social media feedback, and on-time performance. These are the top 10 most inefficient airports worldwide. The top-rated airline was Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar. Based on the criteria for on-time performance and quality of food and services, Qatar Airways’ hub scored 8.39/10.

London Gatwick Airport (United Kingdom) – 6.62/10

According to punctuality and quality, the U.K.’s second-largest airport was also one of the most unprofessional. Despite the recent investment in terminal renovations, and a failed campaign for a second runway to replace Heathrow Airport’s, some aspects of Gatwick are still not appreciated by passengers. The most frequent complaints about London’s second airport are the waiting areas and the crowded lounges.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Canada – 6.50/10

Billy Bishop, also known as Toronto Island Airport was not a good choice despite its beautiful location on the city’s waterfront. Toronto Island Airport was rated poorly due to poor service and limited food- and beverage options.

Porto Airport, Portugal – 6.46/10

Online reviews are focused on poor signage, delays, and dirty restrooms. This is why Porto Airport was listed among the top 10 worst airports in the world.

Paris Orly Airport – 6.37/10

Paris Orly is slipping down the rankings due to its poor customer service and overpriced food.

Manchester Airport, United Kingdom – 6.26/10

Sometimes the little things can make or break your heart. Manchester Airport has received some very negative reviews in recent years. These include dissatisfied passengers complaining about drop-off fees and cars being stolen.

Malta International Airport, Malta – 6.05/10

The survey found that Malta International Airport suffered the most from poor on-time performance.

Henri Coanda International Airport (Romania – 6.03/10

This airport is plagued by poor signage, delays, and incontinence smoking areas.

Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands – 5.92/10

Eindhoven airport is ranked third due to its lengthy queues before and after security, as well as rude reviews.

Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait – 5.78/10

Online reviews indicate that the situation at Kuwait International Airport is worsening. The terminal is difficult to access and transportation links are slow. Staff attitude feedback is poor.

Lisbon Portela Airport, Portugal – 5.77/10

AirHelp ranked Lisbon Portela as the worst airport. Positive passenger feedback is difficult to find with overpriced food and rude staff.

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