Wordle’s most difficult answer from May is Surprising-If you’re American

We are now in the second month of 2022, and Wordle-as beloved as ever-continues its daily stumping of millions around the globe. It was May and the word that was most popular for sharing the dreaded “Wordle X/6”, on Twitter, seemed surprisingly simple. This is, at most, if your are an American. Or, potentially, Torontonian.

The Twitter Communications team has put together five Wordlepuzzles. This is based on the number of losses shared with the followers.

Most “Wordle X/6” failures shared via Twitter (May 20,22).

5) Wordle 335 (May 20,): GAMER

According to Twitter users, GAMER was the fifth-most difficult answer in May. It is one of the most unfit failure words for this section of Forbes as well as the nature of itself. Although it may seem like a simple word, it is not the best choice for older or less experienced people. They might have chosen GAMED, GAMES or GAMEY or TAMER instead.

4) Wordle 339 (May 24, 2009): ALBUM

A word that begins with a vowel can be a problem for many Wordle users. However, ALBUM presents a unique set of problems. It’s difficult to find words that use the same five letters and it has fewer consonants.

3) Wordle 334 (May 19,): GLASS

A single vowel and a second letter are the worst nightmares for many Wordle users, including myself. GLASS is as easy and familiar as five-letter words get, but once you start to guess a word ending in S, you’ll be down the rabbit hole.

2) Wordle 319 (May 4: TRAIN)

TRAIN is the Wordle classic answer. It’s so easy, but there are so many options in the final stages. Especially if you choose GRAIN before getting BRAIN DRAIN. It’s easy to guess the correct letters if you just rewrite it. This is a second-placed guess.

1) Wordle 320 (May 5th): HOMER

Ironically, the common phrase for a “home run” was the one that prevented people from daily success in . However, in principle, HOMER is a strange one to be at the top of the list. It has no double letters, more than one vowel and doesn’t have any other words within a single letter difference.

There may be an alternative explanation. If you look at it from a British perspective, the name Homer Simpson (e.g.) isn’t what comes to mind when you think of baseball terminology. Homer Simpson does, and I would be willing to wager that many people outside North America would have discounted HOMER as an option because it is a name.

Twitter’s March 2022: Fewest “Wordle X/6” failures

  1. TIPSY (Wordle 332, May 13).
  2. TIARA (Wordle 342, May 27,)
  3. ASSET (Wordle 341, May 26)
  4. BEING (Wordle 332, May 17,)
  5. SCRAP (Wordle 336, May 21)
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