Wordle’s Most Hardly-Ever Puzzles Show Gamers Aren’t Giving Up

Wordle might seem like an endless global phenomenon on the surface. But, if Twitter’s historical stats are any indication, it seems that players have stopped giving an F when they come to the world’s most beloved daily puzzle.

This week’s historic data from Twitter shows that the Wordle phenomenon has been tracked since New Zealand’s first players began tweeting their scores in 2021. The most difficult Wordle questions-those words with the highest average number of guesses-share some common traits. Both are well-known, but the other is really intriguing.

These are the most difficult Wordle Answers (as per “Wordle 6” on Twitter).

  1. SWILL (Wordle 245, Feb 19, 2022): 4.88 average guesses
  2. FERRY (Wordle 191, Dec 27, 2021: 4.74
  3. FORGO (Wordle 361, May 1, 2022: 4.73
  4. FEWER (Wordle 288, March 3, 2022): 4.72
  5. LOWLY (Wordle 285 March 31, 2022) 4.71

The common problem that players complain about is the double use and overlapping of letters. CAULK was the most popular bonding agent, but it can’t match the double drop.

Another issue is that the five most difficult words begin with F. This character is so vital in paying respects that has its own Wikipedia page. It is understandable. F is a Scrabble 4 tile that joins H, V and W.

You might think that the dominance by the letter F in difficult puzzles is a coincidence. But if you dig deeper into April’s stats from Twitter (provided exclusively to you by the Twitter Comms team), you’ll see that it’s a close sweep for the sixth entry of the alphabet.

Most “Wordle X/6” failures shared via Twitter (April 2022).

  1. FOYER (Wordle310, April 25).
  2. FLAIR (Wordle 309, April 24)
  3. FEWER (Wordle 292 April 7)
  4. FORAY (Wordle 297 April 12)
  5. SNOUT (Wordle 289, April 5)

Except for the all-time #1 cross-over in April’s list-FEWER, none of the five most difficult answers has a double-letter. The top four F words are the only exception. Forgive-the third most difficult Wordle question in history, which appeared on May 1, could’ve won the title of first. This would have given us an unprecedented sweep of F ****s.

Twitter data shows that the game was mentioned in 32.2million tweets by 3.3million people. This is an increase of 400 to 500,000 mentions per day. Wordle tweets also have over 6.6 trillion views and 58 million likes. There are also nine million replies. Wordlers currently have a score of 4.1.

You can avoid the dreaded 6/6. Here’s my advice: If you have a few guesses and don’t know where else to go, give Wordle an f.

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